Step 1: Assign

With NELSONbrain, you can access educational resources that will help you succeed in your course.

  • Search by ISBN to find your assigned Digital Homework materials
  • Don't have an ISBN? You can search by title, author or subject and use filter by product type and/or discipline to narrow your search.
  • Select the product that matches your search.

Step 2: Buy

NELSONbrain offers Digital Homework materials that allow you to connect with your professor to learn more effectively.

  • Choose the Digital Homework materials that will enrich your studying.
  • Add Digital Homework materials to your cart, complete your purchase, and the materials will appear on your digital dashboard for instant access. View your digital dashboard by clicking on the My Home link.

Step 3: Access

Enjoy instant access to your Digital Homework materials and study and review what you learned in class at home.

  • All digital homework materials are available for instant access after purchase within My Home (your personalized digital dashboard).
  • All your digital homework materials will be displayed on your personalized NELSONbrain digital dashboard for convenient, centralized access.

All of your study tools in one place

NELSONbrain Digital Hub displays your course materials in one centralized location making access easy and convenient.


NELSONbrain helps you succeed

Enjoy access to a variety of educational resources that will help you learn and demonstrate your mastery of the material. You can choose from video and audio content, exam preparation guides, quizzes, and flashcards. Get your assigned course materials and more.


Aplia Products


Aplia is a learning solution that helps you to engage with your course material more effectively. You'll be able to participate in online experiments and problems, get immediate feedback and enhance your grades as a result.

Web Tutor Products

Web Tutor

WebTutor is an eLearning software solution that allows you to be a front-row learner at home. Whether you want to access Web-enhancements of your classes, or practice an entire course online, WebTutor allows you to focus on your grades and become a top student.

CengageNOW Products


Study in less time and get grades you want NOW with CengageNOW. Choose from eBooks, interactive tutorials, videos, animations, games, personalized study tools and more. All of these options are highly effective and extremely beneficial.

WebAssign Products


WebAssign offers powerful instructional tools that will help you to ace your studies by delivering automatic grading solutions for math and science courses. You'll also be able to reinforce what you have learned in class through practice and instant feedback, and have access to advanced study tools.

OWL Products


Hit the ground running in General and Organic Chemistry. You can use OWL products with any textbooks and get immediate results that help you to focus on your studies, save time and master these subjects. It's like having your professors on hand whenever you need them.

Enhanced WebAssign Products

Enhanced WebAssign

Enhanced WebAssign is an ideal solution to all of your homework needs. This robust, easy-to-use homework management system is reliable and versatile, allowing you to focus on specific areas of your studies and enhance your grades.

Diet Analysis Products

Diet Analysis

This top-rated diet analysis software is a must-have for success in your nutrition course. DIET ANALYSIS PLUS enables you track and access the nutritional value of the foods you eat and use the information to adjust your diet.

Easy to Access

With all your materials in one place, there's no need to worry about losing a study guide or leaving your course pack at a friend's house. NELSONbrain digital dashboard displays your course materials in a centralized location in an easy-to-access format.


Your Tool to Success

NELSONbrain enriches your studying with educational resources including video and audio content, exam preparation guides, quizzes, and flashcards. Get your assigned course materials and more.